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Our mission at Fika is to mainstream team training across hybrid and remote workplaces. We know that teams that train together: Win.

Fika's methods are scientifically backed, with extensive evidence proving that just 5 minutes of Fika training 3 times per week enables teams to be healthier and happier at work.

Fika training encourages better results and team performance. We significantly reduce the risk of burnout while increasing productivity and engagement. We know that reaching every one of your people is key.

Fika’s integrated three-pillar approach incorporates products that support individual training for personal development and growth. We include tools for leaders and teams that harness the power of collective responsibility and impact. We offer organisational integrations to create space for a genuine culture of team training to flourish.

We are uniquely placed to reach everyone in your business with practices that build mental muscle across the 7 skills of mental fitness. Fika team training is inclusive and effective - we proudly reach the 80%+ that don’t engage with existing wellbeing initiatives.

Book your introductory demo today to join over 100 organisations across the UK in helping your team thrive as they navigate life and remote working challenges.


Teams that train together: Win.

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